Workshop: Write your bio with Rachel Allen

Workshop: Write your bio with Rachel Allen


Join Lara Wellman and guest expert Rachel Allen for a Biz Studio workshop on Friday April 26!

A well-crafted bio is so important -- it's your first impression, credentials, and personality all rolled into one tiny paragraph and plastered everywhere from your one-sheet to your podcast intro.

And yet, bios are one of the hardest things to get right.

How do you get all the most important information about yours elf and your business into a teeny paragraph? How do you know what's most important anyway? Besides, writing about yourself and your accomplishments can feel SUPER awkward.

Worry not, Rachel's here to take the awkward away and make it easy for you write a really good bio that sounds like you (but like, the most awesome, put together, break-the-Internet version of you), and appeals to your audience.

In this highly interactive workshop, she'll teach you what makes a great bio great, how to know what to put in and what to leave out, how to tweak it for different spaces, and how to make it all sound awesome, without sounding like you're a braggy jerk. Bring your pens, papers, and insecurities -- and walk way with a great bio you can confidently use everywhere.

What: Interactive bio writing workshop with Rachel Allen from Bolt from the Blue Copywriting (

When: Friday, April 26 from 1-3pm EST

Where: Zoom

Cost: $49 CDN (taxes included)

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