These are the primary services offered by Lara Wellman Digital Marketing. If there’s something you need help with that isn’t listed here, please contact Lara to see how she can help meet your digital marketing needs.


Lara has been speaking on a variety of topics related to social media for several years. From delivering workshops, to speaking to employee groups, associations, at conferences and more. She can provide a presentation that is engaging, informs, and helps your audience grow.


Strategic Social: Move beyond tactics for more effective results - Learn how to build a strategic plan for using social media. We'll take you step-by-step through the areas that you need to think about. When you leave, you'll think about social media in a whole new way for your business.

Social Media 101 - Should you be using social media? Maybe. Maybe not. This presentation will cover the benefits of using social media, bust common myths, and give a high level overview of each of the most common tools. Attendees will leave with a better understanding of what social media is and whether it is a step they consider for their business.

Blogging for Business - Why is blogging important for small businesses? Should you start a blog? Or do you want to learn how to improve your existing blog? Small business owners and all who want to improve  their marketing will learn useful techniques and tips to make their blog more effective for their business.

Doesn’t everyone hate newsletters? - The answer is definitely no! How often do you skip checking your email? The answer is probably rarely. Despite the fact that people think the popularity of email marketing is decreasing it is actually still one of the most important ones around! Learn why it's important to start and send a regular newsletter, what tools to use, how often, what to say, how to automate, measure, build your list and analyze the results of your campaigns.

Refresh, renew, rethink your blog (Or, get your bloggy mojo back!) - It happens to every blogger. One day you wake up and don’t want to write. Nothing interests you. Nothing inspires you. There are many reasons this happens. From writer’s block, to fear of repeating yourself, to content fatigue and just plain tiredness. Learn about the many different walls you can hit as a blogger and the different ways to crawl around, climb over or bust through them.

Planning for privacy: how to reduce the stress of sharing online - The influx of social media users over the past six years has created an urgent need for education about privacy - from knowing what constitutes personal information to understanding how data is used by marketers to proactive thought about what individuals are comfortable sharing, as well as the difference between being personal and being personable. Learn how your choices affect others (acquaintances, friends, family) and vice versa. We'll also talk about the myth of "oversharing", and what oversharing truly means. Leave with a solid foundation for determining your own comfort level and a greater consciousness of what you specifically will and will not share online, regardless of whether you are in a "walled garden" (Facebook/private Twitter account) or out in the open (public Twitter or blog).

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