Coaching for small business owners—without the business suit

Hi! I’m Lara Wellman.

I am a Certified Business Coach who believes small business owners can make more money, love the work they do and still having time to enjoy their lives!

Through coaching, group programs, workshops and events, I help business owners get the clarity they need to take the right action for them and their business.

Book a call to figure out how I can best support you in creating the plan to success that’s perfect for you.


You don’t want to tell people that you worry about:

  • the future of your business,

  • whether or not you’re doing the right things,

  • where your next sale is coming from, or

  • if you should just jump ship entirely and get a “real” job.

Instead, you keep all those concerns to yourself—because running a business has its own unique challenges that not everyone can relate to.

And for that reason, being a business owner can also be pretty lonely.


That’s where coaching and community come in.

As a certified business coach, I whole-heartedly believe in the spirit of community: 

  • creating safe places (whether one-on-one or in groups) where you can comfortably discuss your struggles as a business owner;

  • providing the customized support and tools that you need to get “unstuck”; and

  • facilitating valuable networking and learning opportunities with others who can help move your business forward.

That’s the essence of The Biz Studio: a community-oriented coaching business that helps other businesses...which, in turn, often become inspired to help other businesses! 

The Biz Studio helps you figure out what you want for your business and life—and takes you there.

Imagine getting to a point where your business fits perfectly into the life you’ve always dreamed of having!

It is possible: by taking time to make more intentional decisions about your business.

It’s not always about making money; in fact, many of my clients are already quite successful when they approach me! But they:

  • are not necessarily doing what they want to be doing; or

  • feel ready for more, or for some kind of change; and

  • are not quite sure how to get there.

Regardless of where you are in your business lifecycle, I will become your dedicated partner and empower you to:

  • stop spinning your wheels—and take control of your business,

  • focus on what matters most to you, and

  • fall (back!) in love with your business.

You’re get connected!

People often ask me why I created The Biz Studio.

What do I tell them? It all comes down to knowing that business owners need to feel understood and supported—and that happens through connection.

The beauty of The Biz Studio is that there are so many ways to get connected! We offer:

However or whenever you need it, a caring coach and community are waiting for you.

So let’s get started—connect with me today!

Some “fun facts” about me:

Lara Wellman
  • I’m a marketing professional: Before transitioning to business coaching, I was the proud owner of Lara Wellman Digital Marketing and I’ve worked in marketing and communications for 15 years.

  • I’m all about the kids: Not only am I the owner of the popular Ottawa blog Kids in the Capital; I’m also the proud mother of three young kids (including twins!).

  • I have ADHD: I know all about brains that shoot out more ideas than one could ever attempt to execute. I’ve learned a lot about understanding how different we all are, and the need to find a great variety of strategies and options to fit all types.

  • Comfort is really important to me—both in the emotional and physical sense: Therefore, I prefer to skip the formal attire, and you should feel free to “come as you are” when you meet with me. (Meanwhile, don’t be surprised if you spot me in a unicorn onesie someday!)