Change in life (and business) is inevitable

December 2014 - The Ottawa Women's Business Network's holiday party. 

December 2014 - The Ottawa Women's Business Network's holiday party. 

When I met Lara Wellman in July of 2010, I had no idea - no inkling at all - that it would be such a life-altering event. We started working together from practically the moment we met and it went really well. It didn't take long for us to realize we enjoyed working together a great deal. Over time, we went from working together on a community blog, to starting a conference together, then I bought into Kids in the Capital, and ultimately we joined forces to start Wellman Wilson. All in less than 5 years!

We've always complemented each other well - her strengths are not mine. Mine are not hers. On so many levels, our partnership has worked really well. Until it didn't. 

Lara is an entrepreneur. Without a doubt, she has the drive, passion, personality, and love of what she does to be very successful.

I am not an entrepreneur and I never will be. The things I love to do that motivate and inspire me don't work as well in the role of "business owner". 

This one difference between us has lead to our mutual decision to take different paths that suit each of us best. It means that I can take the step of going back into the workforce full time, which will simplify life for me and my family. Lara is going to continue doing what we've been doing together and she's going to be amazing. I'll be right there cheering her on and helping whenever I can, because I honestly can't imagine not continuing to work with Lara in some capacity.

Over the next few weeks, there will be a lot of changes with all the Wellman Wilson digital properties. We'll be working to transition from working together to Lara taking it all on by herself. I'm excited and optimistic about the next phase in my journey and I know Lara is as well.

I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to work with the many clients I've been able to help over the past three years. And to those of you who have followed us, thank you for your support. I hope to continue seeing you online.

~ Karen