Does everyone hate getting newsletters?

This isn’t the first time I’ve written about the fact that I think newsletters are important, but I think it’s worth saying again. 

I’m a huge fan of newsletters. In fact, I’m that annoying person who is always asking everyone if they have a newsletter and trying to convince them to start one if they haven’t. The reason I hear most often for not having a newsletter is:

“*I* hate getting newsletters”

So if that’s you, here’s what I want to say:

That’s totally fine. You can hate newsletters and I have no issue with that! I KNOW you think they clog up your inbox and that they feel like sales pitches to you. I know you would rather go and find your own information and you’re tired of everyone and their brother asking you to sign up to their newsletter. I know. I sympathize. I do. :)

But here’s the thing. You’re not everybody.

Believe it or not, there are a lot of people who WANT to get newsletters. They don’t want to go looking for information, they want it right there in front of them to choose to read or not.

They don’t go on Facebook or use RSS to find their content. They check their email 10+ times a day.

They are happy to open emails they asked to receive.

Does it really work?

Sara McConnell of Sara McConnell Photography wasn’t convinced when we first talked about her starting a newsletter.  I pushed pretty hard and it now has a direct impact on her bottom line.

There are several reasons why I didn’t want to create a newsletter: I don’t like reading them when they’re emailed to my inbox and I felt that with twitter, Facebook, and blogging, that I had all my bases covered.  What I realized though is that I don’t represent my typical customer (with my social media habits) and that I was missing out on an opportunity to reach out to clients as well as offer them exclusive deals and information, something I couldn’t do through the social media platforms I was using.  Seventeen newsletters later and I’m clearly a convert!

So, does everyone hate getting newsletters?

The simple answer is no. Some people really do like getting newsletters, and some people are happy to get specific newsletters sometimes. The key is to provide value.  

Sara provides early access to sessions in her newsletters so opening her newsletters gives you the opportunity to get the best possible timing on your photoshoots.  

Wellman Wilson’s newsletter recaps the top content from the previous two weeks for those who can’t make it to the blog on a regular basis and we also announce new programs there first (sign up in the box below!)

What can you provide your audience that would make it worth their time to open your newsletter to see what you have to say?