Personal branding:

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest… the list goes on.  When you connect with new people how do you tell them where to find you online?

We recently talked about your personal brand and a great way I’ve found for you as an individual to have an online presence is by having an about page.  You could have this on a personal website or blog, but for those who don’t have a platform like that there are a number of services that have popped up that can help you. In this post I’ll be focusing on one of the services in particular with my images ( but there are several other good services that are worth checking out as well ( and

What is it lets you easily create a one page web site about yourself.  You can add photos, you can write a profile, and you can add links to all the social channels and web pages you want to share.  It’s a one stop shop on you and what you do.

Why should you have one?

Not everyone will need one, but a few reasons to have are:

To promote yourself as an individual. 

To tie together all the projects you have.

To tell a story.

Because they’re fun.

How do I set a page up

These sites are very intuitive and easy to set up (and free!). I’ve set mine up, but realize it isn’t quite up to the caliber of the examples I’ve found here.  Seems to me I just found an excuse for a new photoshoot :)

It’s really as easy as picking a few photos, some fonts, writing something about yourself and filling in the information about your social networks.

Tools that make it easy to create a professional looking presence online are always a win in my opinion!

We want to hear from you! Leave a comment below and let us know if you have an about page or if you think it would be a useful tool for your personal brand.