Should you be on Instagram?

Should Wellman Wilson Consulting be on Instagram? I ask myself this question a lot.  I’m still not sure what the answer is but today I’m talking about Instagram and why every business should at least consider it as a tool.

Where is your audience spending their time? 

So far, my very informal polling of the under 25 crowd has led me to believe that they will choose Instagram over Facebook every time.  They may not be giving up Facebook, but they LIKE being on Instagram more.   If your audience is younger and that’s where they’re spending their time, that means you should be considering spending more time on Instagram as well.

The over 25 crowd is there too though, especially foodies.  Food in particular does really well on Instagram. 

Is your business visual?

In the world of online content, pretty pictures almost always win the day for fast and easy engagement.  If you have the opportunity to share visuals of what you do, you should be considering Instagram as a tool for your business.  Or can you share fun images that will make people smile while still thinking of your brand?

Words make beautiful images too

If you don’t sell food, or clothing, or a product, does Instagram make sense for you?  There are lots of ways to share messages without having a product to show.

Let people get to you know

As with all the social networks, the human side of your business is really important to share too and Instagram is a really natural way to do that.  Letting people know what you’re doing day to day helps them relate to you and feel like they know you better.  

You can share what you’re doing, who you’re meeting with, events you’re going to or things you’re excited about (like media coverage!)

So.  Should Wellman Wilson be on Instagram?

I’ve decided to commit to posting a tip a day of some kind (I think I’ll do a mix of images and video) on Instagram over the next 30 days.  I’m going to conduct the experiment as myself (giving you the opportunity to get to know me a bit better at the same time if you’re interested) and would love some feedback from you guys.  Is that somewhere you’d like to see more social media tips?  Are you already spending time on Instagram?  

My theory is that Instagram isn’t the #1 spot we should be (which is why we focus so much on our blog, the newsletter and Facebook) but that it’s definitely a space that could also work for us.  Talking to your audience and experiments are the best way to really figure out if a new tool is worth your time.  Please leave a comment and let me know what you think and if you use Instagram!