Small business resources: 2014 planning

We’re already a couple of weeks into January but we’re still working hard on our overall planning for 2014.  Today we’re sharing some resources that we’ve found helpful in planning our year. Leave us a comment and share some of the tools, tips, or tricks that have helped you get on track for a great 2014!

Leonie Dawson

(Affiliate Link)I discovered Leonie Dawson about a year ago. She’s a self proclaimed hippie and I will admit that at first I didn’t really think her content would be for me, but I was wrong.  Last year we bought her business planning document and liked it so much that this year we went on to buy both her business planner and her life planner (affiliate link).

I really like that she helps you close off the previous year and figure out what you learned, what you achieved and sometimes what you need to let go of.  Then she helps you figure out what your goals are for the coming year and how to break them down into achievable pieces.

(Affiliate Link)

Planner Pads

I’m not very organized; I readily admit it. We were told about Planner Pads by Amanda from Little Lotus Yoga and right away I saw how my brain and this planner could work together. :)

The concept is of a funnel.  You list everything you have to do at the top and then funnel it down to the right date and time. If you don’t do it when you funneled it down, it’s still on the list at the top to funnel down elsewhere.

Since I’m also a big fan of writing things out by hand, this planner has worked really well for me - and everyone else we’ve recommended it to has loved it as well. 

Wellman Wilson Consulting

We have a few planning documents we think can help you get 2014 off to a great start as well.

We have a planning document to help you figure out what direction to take your content in this year with purpose, goals and metrics.  We also have an editorial calendar for you to schedule content into ahead of time taking the guess work out of “what do I write today?!”

Are you ready to have an amazing 2014? We are!