Small business resources: YouTube channels

As small business owners we’re always on the lookout for resources that can help us make our businesses better.  Today we’re sharing three of OUR favourite YouTube channels because we think they can also help you.

Marie TV

Marie Forleo is someone we have learned a lot from, both through her Marie TV series but also by taking some of her programs.  She has great insights about online marketing as well as many other areas of business.  Here is a video on being more productive when working from home:

Social Triggers

Derek Halpern dives in to the psychology behind customer response, helping you figure out why people do things and what you might be able to change in your own behaviour or the content that you create to increase sales or traffic to your site.  Here is a video on dealing with customers who try to haggle on pricing with you:

James Wedmore

Video is such an important tool for businesses and James Wedmore does a great job of explaining how you can do them well.  Here is a video that breaks down some of the types of videos it’s good for businesses to have:

We hope you can get a lot of value from these resources.  Explore their channels; there is an incredible amount of valuable content to be found on them!

Leave a comment and share some of the video resources you’ve found that are helpful to small business owners!