Social Media for Social Good : A lung story

This week I have been bombarded with online videos and stories that have touched me beyond belief.  First there was the story of a man who made a beautiful love video for his wife’s birthday. He’s since passes away from cancer. I sobbed.

Then, the amazing story of a girl with autism who was completely uncommunicative until the age of eleven and now has a blog! She inspires me and what she will be able to do to help people understand those like her…  there’s nothing like it!

Lastly (for today) this lovely Ottawa girl Hélène who suddenly got ill this past summer and now needs a lung transplant. What is most inspiring about her is that she’s taking this journey as an opportunity to be positive and raise awareness about the importance of organ donation.

I’m always been big on organ donation - I think it’s SO important.  I signed my driver’s license the minute I got it back when I was 17. But that was before they became laminated cards you couldn’t sign.  Now you can register online to be an organ donor. I didn’t realize you could do that! I filled out the form immediately.  Will you?  It’ll take five minutes and could save many lives one day should tragedy befall you.

Take the time to watch Hélène’s video and help her spread her message. Both she and the cause deserve it!


If you want to help you can also donate to Hélène to help her with the cost of relocating and waiting for an organ.  I’m pitching in $5. It’s not much, but if a lot of us do it, it’ll add up!  Will you?