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Case Studies: DeGrace Energetic & Little Lotus Yoga

I am starting a new series on my blog demonstrating how Social Media helps businesses.  Amanda is a great example of how I think social media grows your business best. She doesn’t push her business, but has made many contacts and gained many opportunities for her businesses through the connections she’s made online. I asked her a few questions and here are her answers:

About Amanda’s businesses:

“DeGrace Energetics is a wellness & lifestyle consulting company with emphasis on our Little Lotus Yoga programs.  Little Lotus Yoga was created with the whole family in mind, bringing yoga to all ages and stages of life.  We offer programs from Prenatal & Mom & Baby Yoga all the way to adult yoga programs.  Little Lotus was the very first company to offer “on your own” preschool yoga programs for 2-5 year olds in the Ottawa area.  DeGrace Energetics also offers personal training services, group fitness and holistic wellness programs.  Through my involvement within the industry I continue to be blessed with wonderful opportunities of presenting at fitness and wellness conferences across Canada and am involved in training many professionals.”

How actively involved are you in social media to promote your business?

“I would say that I am not really active in promoting my business through social media. I have a facebook fan page) and a business twitter account that I utilize but not near as much as my personal accounts.  I think its important that people actually “see” the face behind each business and find that I tend to communicate mostly through my personal accounts with references to the companies.  I don’t feel I “push” my business through different SM mediums.  I think you should build the conversation, create the networks and the business will follow through afterwards.”

What has been the most successful tool in getting you more exposure or clients? 

“Twitter! I have had the opportunity to meet so many fabulous people through Twitter.  I would never have had the time or ability to meet so many wonderful business owners, parents, bloggers, social media enthusiasts, people local to the Ottawa area and beyond!  The relationships I have developed are amazing.  I have created true friendships and have seen my business grow just through word of mouth on twitter.  I also love taking the online to offline through tweet ups, events and other activities.”

What would you tell other business owners about the value of using social media for their business?

Social Media has changed the way I do business!  My marketing has not had to be as active as most of my work has been coming through connections made online.  Through twitter and facebook I have built relationships with families, parents, and individuals within the Ottawa area and have seen many of these friends and acquaintances become clients or they have directly referred their friends and families to our programs.  There is great value within Social Media as long as you take the approach that building relationships and participating in conversations comes before any business marketing or info.

 Amanda has become a personal friend of mine through twitter and I highly recommend her yoga classes. Check out the Little Lotus Yoga schedule on their web site!

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