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Social SEO and You Part 3 – Twitter

 I’m thrilled to have Brandon back for part three of his Social SEO and You guest post series (post 1 and post 2), this time about Twitter. Enjoy!

Brandon is a consultant, business marketing grad, strategist, house music junkie, avid reader, speaker, and coffee fiend. He likes to make and break stuff, currently working in the Light Apps division at Corel and the CEO of his own start-up Incentify.

You can find him @BrandonWaselnuk

I want to start this post with a nice be caveat, Twitter and SEO are a pretty big unknown for the most part, there’s lots of news/research/posts that both say Twitter does and does not help your SEO. Therefore this post will cover the areas in which there are some pretty proven facts on it helping your website’s SEO as well as a lot around how to help your ‘Twitter SEO’ meaning – Helping you get found on Twitter, which will help you personally lead people to your site.

Key Factors

Here are three quick facts on Twitter and how it relates to SEO:

  • The more @replys you get to a tweet, the higher your SEO – Now the debate is on whether this just helps that tweet become more relevant in Twitter (proven fact) and if it also helps the link inside that tweet (unknown at this point)

  • The more retweets you get, the higher your SEO – Same rules as above

  • Make your Bio Count – This is a huge deal, it’s not only how you represent yourself to others but it also plays a pretty big role in SEO, Google actually indexes your bio. Therefore if someone Googles your name it’s very likely you’re Twitter will pop up and they get that bio blurb, it’ll also help your website (if you link to that in your bio) etc.


How to Create Success

A lot of you who are good with Twitter will recognize most of these points, they are simple yet many overlook these easy guidelines sometimes.

  • Allow for ‘Quote retweeting’, try to keep tweets to 120 characters to allow, basically when people want to add their own message on your tweet. Eg. “Amazing graphs! RT: @blah….”

  • Use Link shorteners such as Hootsuite and Bit.ly for metric tracking and to reduce character spend

  • Above all be ‘real’; twitter is a giant conversation so be conversational, you wouldn’t want a dude on the street wearing a sandwich board to offer you a flier with coupons? So don’t do it in Twitter

  • Use appropriate hashtags (#awesome) for reach expansion, but don’t get crazy with them!

  • Get out and help others, retweet them, respond to them, they’ll pay it back

  • Try to spread tweets out over the day, often tweet just never ‘bulk tweet’ (5 posts at the same time for example)

  • Promote Blog sites as it’s an easy glide path for twitter users, from short conversations to longer opinions where they can still comment and engage


Build ‘Followers’, Links, and PageRank

Twitter internally links your followers to your profile; therefore higher PageRank followers give your page a boost as well. Meaning, if you have high clout big names on Twitter following you, it’ll boost you in the process. FYI PageRank is basically Google’s term for the spot at which your page shows up in a Google search.

Thanks a Ton

I hope this helps you out a bit and I love questions so if you have any please leave them in the comments and I’ll answer to the best of my abilities!


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