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What is it and why should I care: QR codes

What is it?

A QR code (abbreviation for Quick Response code) is a specific matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code) that is readable by dedicated QR barcode readers and camera telephones. The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background. The information encoded may be text, URL, or other data. ~Wikipedia

QR codes can be used for a multitude of different reasons and are seen more and more. It is a simple way to share a lot of information with one click.  Most apps will save the information from the QR code into your phone so you can go back to it again later.

Take advantage of them by downloading a QR reader to your smart phone.

Why should I care?
There are a ton of amazing uses for QR codes if you have a business, an event, or anything you want to promote. The key is being creative or finding a purpose that has use to people.

Here are some examples:

A restaurant could have a code in their window that leads to an online menu - then people can decide from outside if they are interested in eating there AND they can refer to it from home or elsewhere at a later date should they be considering going back or for takeout.

A real estate agent could put a QR code on the sign outside a listing - people driving by could easily scan the code, get the listing on their phone and be able to refer back to it when they get home.

Some cities are putting QR codes next tourist attractions giving people an extra interactive component to sightseeing.  Imagine walking up to a statue, scanning a code and having a short video play on your phone about the origins of the statue with actual photos of the people portrayed.

At a conference the sponsor of a table could have a QR code at a table that would lead to their site and some special offers just for conference attendees.

You could put a QR code with contact information on a business card - once it’s been scanned people don’t need to worry about losing the business card.

Put them on posters advertising events, products, etc.  Instead of having to keep track of small bits of tear off papers, they now have the information safe stored in their phones.

Use them for a scavenger hunt - all the clues come in QR codes.

I have a QR necklace.  If you see me, scan it :) It takes you to my web site, to a special page welcoming you for using the QR code, and it gives you discounts for my services ( which I change regularly :)

Where can I get a QR code?

I did a quick google search and ended up at There are lots of places you can have them generated.

Do you have a QR reader on your phone? What’s your favourite? Have you created any QR codes for promotional purposes? Have they worked?

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