Employee engagement, customer service and social media

Many studies have confirmed that customer service is tied to employee engagement. Engaged employees who are satisfied in their jobs provide much better customer service.

You might wonder what that has to do with social media.

Social media is an ideal venue for companies to show how well they can do customer service. But social media isn’t exclusively about customer service. It’s also about telling your business stories. 

Engaged employees will go out of their way to make customers happy. A couple of examples are:

I drive from one end of Ottawa where I live, to the other end where my car is serviced by an amazing staff that makes it worth every kilometer. I drafted this post before this happened. Minutes before walking to my car, I mentioned my upcoming trip and then found this on my dash. It kept a smile on my face through Ottawa rush hour and beyond.From delivering on a tongue-in-cheek request for a pillow fort to a simple note and a chocolate - enchanting your customers starts with engaged employees.

Great customer service stories can flow from that foundation and give your organization a reason to be proud.

These examples show us a few things:

1) The employees involved in these situations are creative and thoughtful, but more importantly they have the autonomy needed to make the decision to carry out these actions.

2) Clearly they love their job. Clearly they care about the customers. Each instance led to a customer service situation that is a fantastic story that people love to share.

3) It doesn’t take a lot of money or time to give your customers a memorable experience. 

The next time you’re wondering what to share on social media, go have a chat with one of your best employees and ask them if they have any great stories to tell.

Then start getting staff involved regularly:

  • Provide a communal camera for quick pictures.
  • Give them leeway for making exceptions.
  • Reward good customer service. 
  • Help them love making customers happy.

What are some other exceptional customer service stories you’ve heard about through social media?