Let's help each other - come share your knowledge!

One of the reasons that Lara and I designed an online group coaching program was to help our clients with our expertise, but also to allow them to have a place to share and learn from each other.

The idea of this shared learning experience has been so good that we want to emulate it here by giving others the opportunity to talk about their social media successes and learning experiences on The Media Mesh

We’ve committed to three words for 2013 - create, teach, help. Out of these simple words, we have established ambitious goals for ourselves and this business. We want to help people meet their own goals and teach them how best to use tools that can assist them. All through creation of content and programs that add value. 

But we know we’re not the only ones who can create, teach and help others. So, we’re opening the door for you to come and share your knowledge too. 

Let us know if you’ re interested in creating, teaching and helping too.

What is it and why should you care: Social Capital

On July 23 I will be attending, and speaking at, Social Capital

What is it

  • Social Capital is a one day conference for everyone from beginner to expert who is interested in social media.

  • There will be sessions in three streams: Fundamental, Advanced and Business

  • There will be roundtables on 10-15 subjects including community blogging, wordpress, twitter, facebook, flickr and crowdsourcing.

  • There will be ample opportunities to network with people in the Ottawa social media community.

Why should you care

  • I can never say this enough  - social media is about relationships. Bringing the relationships from the virtual space to the real life space is my favourite thing about social media and where some of the biggest wins from social media can occur.  It’s worth it for meeting the people alone.


  • I like to think I know some stuff about social media - but the social media power that will be at Social Capital….  wow. The learning opportunities, from the sessions but also just from the casual discussions…  I can’t wait!

  • This conference is for everyone.  That means you don’t need to feel you don’t know enough about social media to come and join us and learn.  Whether you’re interested in social media for the fun and personal satisfaction of it, whether it’s to promote your small business, whether it’s to learn more about how to use social media within your corporation or at your government job - we want you there.  Everyone at every level is of value… we can teach each other how we see things, what we’ve seen work and what we’ve seen not work.

Will you be there?  I really hope you will!

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