Twitter in ten minutes a day

One of the biggest reasons people don’t want to get involved with Twitter is that they believe it will take too much time.

I believe that you can get a lot out of Twitter with just ten minutes a day.

Take the Twitter challenge

I challenge you to spend ten minutes a day for the next two weeks doing the following:

  • Reply to all the tweets directed at you (@mentions)
  • Follow back anyone who followed you that seems to be a good fit for you
  • Follow 10 new people. Find new people in lists, and by seeing who people who you already follow follow.
  • Retweet (at least) two things.
  • Reply to (at least) two tweets in your stream.
  • Tweet something about what you’re doing.

Spend the rest of your ten minutes reading what other people have been saying.

After two weeks, let me know what you think! Was it that hard? Did you make new connections?