#6 What I learned at summer camp

This past week I went to summer camp for grownups - more specifically for, "Makers, Entrepreneurs and World Shakers."

It was held at a kids' summer camp with all the summer camp experiences - arts and crafts, cabins (there were 12 lovely women in mine) without heat, cafeteria meals, bonfires and talent shows. 

It was amazing. I had such a wonderful time. I met incredible people and I came home feeling changed, for the better.

In this week's podcast I highlight some of the things that really struck me at camp. Things that aren't directly related to social media, but that apply to how we need to think about our businesses as a whole and how we deal with our communities and messages.

Find your community

Marsha Shandur of Yes Yes Marsha and I

Marsha Shandur of Yes Yes Marsha and I

I've talked about the importance of figuring out who your audience is and the need to be willing to niche yourself, but more than ever camp reminded me just how amazing it can be when you really and truly find a community that is tied together by joint values.

When you let yourself create a space that is not for everyone, then the people it IS for feel even more comfortable and connected to you. 

Create experience

While most campers started their day with Yoga and meditation I stuck to my coffee but sat reflecting on all that I was learning.

While most campers started their day with Yoga and meditation I stuck to my coffee but sat reflecting on all that I was learning.

Knowing what you want people to feel and experience when it comes to you, your business, and the content you share is an important part of marketing and creating a great business.

Every moment that I was at camp I felt fully immersed in the experience they created for me. It was impressive and delightful. Speaking of which...


Jonathan Fields, who started the Good Life Project and spoke several times during camp inspired me more than I ever could have imagined. He endeavours to create delight and is entirely successful at it. 

It is my goal over the next year to create more delight in and with my business.


Harness your fear

Point 3 of Jonathan's 10 commandments is around fear and he said something that I will never forget. He asked people to think of what it feels like to have butterflies in your stomach when something scares you and then to imagine all that you could do if you could harness those butterflies.

That statement might have been the most impactful statement of the entire weekend. (I'm harnessing them right now as I share a drawing of the statement I made post camp.)

Going to sleep away camp for entrepreneurs was an epic experience for me. I learned a lot and I hope some of the thoughts I've shared from my trip help you too.

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