#7 Is it time for you to hire a virtual assistant?

I've been working with virtual assistants (VAs) for a couple of years in my business now and it is honestly one of the best ways that I spend my money.

If I didn't have the support of a VA you would see far more typos in what I put out, you would see far less content being consistently put out, and I would probably have a lot more grey hair. My virtual assistant, Tracy, takes a lot of the stress out of my business.

As business owners, we're really busy people and having someone who can take care of the tasks that aren't part of the core of our business is important. It's why I often tell my clients that they should work with me and own their social media strategy, but they don't need to be the one to implement it. They can get someone on their team, or a VA to do the regular posting and even the writing - so long as they've figured out what the core messaging and intentions are.

This week I interview my VA, Tracy and we talk about what a VA is, how you should go about hiring one, and what kinds of tasks you might want to give them.

What is a VA?

A virtual assistant (VA) is a professional who works remotely (often from their home office) offering administrative, social media, marketing, communications and other services that support businesses and entrepreneurs.

Where can you find a VA?

You can find them through professional associations, such as the Canadian Association of Virtual Assistants (CAVA), the Global Alliance of Virtual Assistants (GAVA), and the International Virtual Assistants Association (IVAA) or online - simply Google 'Virtual Assistant'.

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