#40 - An update on my business

There have been a lot of changes in my business over the last while and as a marketing expert I have been woefully unclear about what I do and who I do it for, so I took some time to record a short podcast that talks about where I came from in my business, how I came to make some changes, as well as my current business focus. So many exciting changes!

These show notes are a bit different than most because I'm not going to simply recap what I said in the show but share the same news in a different way - you may want to read and listen both! :D

In the beginning

When I started my business I wasn't sure what I was doing. I was experimenting and I was doing things simply because I felt there was a need. I'm sure many of you can relate. 

The first thing I did was run some Twitter workshops - they were for 3-5 people, usually in a local coffee shop and cost about $20. They were a lot of fun and from there I started expanding. I started writing strategies for small businesses and running more workshops to help people learn how to use marketing tools. 

In the middle

Then I formed a partnership with Karen Wilson. We were Wellman Wilson Consulting for three years and it was fabulous. We worked with bigger organizations, we spoke at conferences, we put together all kinds of online learning. But as many things do, business started to shift and change again, and we decided to part ways, leaving me open for a new direction once again.

Time for a change

I started The Biz Studio Facebook group and started reaching out beyond marketing. I ran a 2016 planning day, I started my first paid Mastermind program, and more and more I realized I was coaching far beyond the scope of just marketing. I decided I wanted to formalize those skills and this summer I was certified with the Professional Business Coach Alliance of Canada.

The certification process was amazing and reinforced that I was on exactly the right path!

What I do now

So what comes next? I'm rebranding my business, and probably this podcast, over the next few months. I will officially be The Biz Studio because my passion is creating community and opportunities for small business owners to find the support they need, and that's more than just me a lot of the time!

I'm running Masterminds regularly (I have a few spots left in my 3 month program that launches at the end of October!) and I'm focusing on in person workshops and a lot of one-on-one coaching. Marketing is always going to be part of what I do because it's what I have focused my career on for the last 15 years, but now I also have a great toolbox at my disposal to help with sales, mission and vision, key performance indicators, exit strategies and really - so much more!

Keep your eyes open for more changes as they trickle in. And if you're ready to start getting support with your business, whether through a Mastermind group or one-on-one coaching, book a consultation with me - I'd love to talk and see if The Biz Studio is the right fit for you!