Biz Book Club: February book selection

Just in case you missed our Facebook announcement, Lara and I have decided to start a monthly virtual book club. We have lots of books we want to read this year and what’s more fun than reading alone? Discussing it all with a fantastic, smart group to hear their insights and perspectives!

We picked three books that we knew would be interesting for a large group and asked everyone to vote for the one they wanted to read in February. 

I’ve only finished one of the three books and it also happens to be the one that edged out the others in the vote. But it is a fantastic book that we can all learn from and have some really interesting discussions about. The vote was nearly a three-way tie, which just tells me we picked some really good ones. So, without further ado:

We’re gonna Lean In this February

I enjoyed Lean In immensely when I read it last fall and though I’d hoped to read it again a bit later in the year, I’m really looking forward to diving back in. (Actually, I already started!) 

If you’ve already read Lean In, I hope you’ll still join us as we explore what Sheryl Sandberg has to say about “women, work and the will to lead”. If you haven’t, pick your favourite way to read - hardcopy, Kindle (affiliate links) - and let’s all get reading!

Twitter Chat - #WWCBookClub

Every month, we’re going to have a twitter chat so we can have a discussion about the book we’re reading. Anyone can join the chat. Our Lean In chat is booked for February 27 at 9pm. 

Beyond February

Stay tuned to our blog, Twitter and Facebook - in the next couple weeks, we’re going to ask you to tell us what business books you want to read this year. 

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What do you expect when you read Lean In based on what you’ve heard so far? Leave us a comment below!