Content creation made easy

Does content creation feel stressful and time-consuming and is, therefore, one of the things on your to-do list that is constantly getting bumped and never done?

The following ideas will help you get the ideas out of your head and on to paper. By doing this you will have a great mix of inspiration and partially created content that you can use in many different ways.

So where do you start? Start by asking yourself: What is something you want people to know?

content creation made easy with Lara Wellman

For example, the following statements are things certain businesses would want their audience to know:

"Drinking more water is good for you."

"There's no ONE way to success, you need to find the best path for you."

" Facebook Live is a great way to connect with your audience."

It starts with one statement

Come up with one statement - something that isn't specifically about what YOU do, but something that you want your audience to know you believe and something that will help your audience.

Now write that statement at the top of a page (a Word processing document, at the top of a page in a notebook, wherever works for you). Remember: your statement is something you believe, something that will help your audience and something that will reinforce what you do and sell.

Next come the ideas

Fill the page with ideas about that statement.

They can be one-liners, they can be tips, they can be testimonials that show how effective it is when people buy into your statement. They can also be inspirational quotes, theories, stories, or they can be whatever else happens to come out.

For example, for the above statements those business owners could say:

"Drinking more water is good for you."

  • Drinking water makes your skin softer
  • Drinking water is good for your overall health
  • Drinking water is better for you than sugary drinks

"There's no ONE way to success, you need to find the best path for you."

  • People work differently to achieve their end goal
  • Everyone has a different business and business model
  • When something isn't working for you, don't just keep telling yourself to do it anyways, try to figure out a different way to do it that DOES work for you.

"Facebook Live is a great way to connect with your audience."

  • Facebook Live is a great storytelling tool
  • Facebook Live is convenient for both the viewer and user
  • When you go live you don't need to worry about perfection, you're letting people connect to the real you (which they love) AND you don't need to worry about the perfect script, the perfect backdrop or the perfect makeup

Don't overthink it!

Set a timer for 15 minutes so that this doesn't become too onerous a task. Just see how much you can get out of your head that backs up that one statement. Every idea is worth writing down!

Then use this gold. How?

* Social media updates
* Group them together into points in a blog post
* Use them as the main points in a presentation or workshop
* Use them as talking points for a video
* Use them as a pitch or talking points to go on TV or the radio

Often we overthink what it takes to get content out of our heads when it's all right there. Brain dump it out and then figure out how you're going to use it, or get someone to help you (a virtual assistant is great for this!)

So... what will you write at the top of your page today?