Facebook: three tips to get more likes on your business page

“Build it and they will come” doesn’t work in the online world.  There are countless Facebook pages out there, all vying for our attenting.  So how do we try to get more people liking our pages?!

1) Ask!

A great way to spread the word about your page is to ask your friends to like your page.

Go to the admin panel of your page (the link is at the top right of your page) and select build audience and then invite friends.

By inviting your Facebook friends to like your page you will start the ball rolling. Once your friends start liking the page, their friends may notice their interactions with your page and start liking as well!

2) Browse Facebook as your page

From the manage tab of your admin panel, select “use Facebook as your page”.  Then start browsing other business pages.  Answer questions as your page and people will start to notice your name, possibly clicking through to your page and consequently liking it.

3) Post regularly

Post something daily on your Facebook page and include questions or calls to action. The more you can get people to engage with what you’re saying with a comment, a like or a share, the more they will continue to see your posts in their feeds and the more your words will spread through their networks.

The average percentage of your audience who see a Facebook post is a mere 16%. By posting regularly you increase your chance at being visible to your audience.

There is no magic solution to getting thousands of followers on your Facebook page, but if you create good and regular content your audience base will steadily grow with faithful, engaged and happy followers.

Have you tried any of these tactics to increase the followers on your Facebook page?