The LinkedIn Experiment


I have a LinkedIn account.  

I love social media.

I visit LinkedIn semi-regularly.

I don’t use LinkedIn to its full potential.

Most of us can’t possibly put our full energy into all of the social networks - it’s impossible to have enough time to do that and also run your business/do your job.  That being said, social media IS my business and so I have decided to put energy into LinkedIn over the next months and explore.

I will read the posts and advice, I will try the tips and tricks and then I will report back to you on what I have found works and what hasn’t.

I will explore:

- Business pages

- Groups

- Recommendations

- Articles

- Answers

- Events

- Skills

- Jobs

- Upgrading?

I will do all of the above based on my own business but I think I will learn a lot that can help many different kinds of businesses.  I will report back as I learn. I hope you’ll all learn along with me!

Do you use LinkedIn? Any sections you want me to tackle first?