#15 Email Marketing is a must for your business

I'm a huge fan of email marketing. In this week's episode I go over some of the main reasons that you should be considering making it a top marketing priority for your business.

Stop thinking Email marketing is annoying


As long as you have permission from your audience to email them and you're sending them valuable content, sending out regular communication is not annoying. I encounter so many business owners who go in to email marketing thinking they're going to be "bugging" their audience. 

Remember that you're there to give them what they want and that isn't annoying. Don't be hesitant! Work to find content that your audience will want to get, and they'll look forward to getting it.

Tell people what's in it for them

Figure out what you're going to be giving your audience of value - information? discounts? entertainment? You need to give them something to make it worth their time.

Once you know what you're giving them, make sure to let people know: "Sign up for my newsletter to get free weekly tips and tricks on how to use digital marketing to grow your business online."

You need to give people a reason to give you permission into their inbox and you need to make it clear what that reason is.

Be consistent

In my opinion, the ideal frequency to send emails to your audience is weekly. This is a great way to stay top of mind. If that feels too daunting then once every two weeks or once a month is also great. The most important piece is to be consistent. The more consistent you are, the more people will start to anticipate and look forward to getting your emails.

Don't go less than once a month though or people may start to forget who you are and that they even signed up to your email in the first place.

The subject line is THE most important piece of content in your email

The subject line in your email is what convinces someone to open your email. Make sure that it isn't generic and that it properly entices people to open the email to find out what you're talking about. 

Grow your list by offering an opt in

A great way to grow your list is to offer something for free, such as a webinar, an infographic or a free monthly planner. Think of this freebie as something you are selling in exchange for someone's email address.

If you aren't already signed up to my newsletter, I invite you to come and grab my free monthly planner, which is designed to help you organize your content on a monthly basis.

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