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Building relationships online - an interview with Rebecca Stanisic

I've been trying to do a lot more video this year and this week I tried a new type - the interview video!  

Rebecca Stanisic, from A Little Bit of Momsense and agreed to let me ask her about how she has successfully built relationships online.

Rebecca started online with a personal blog and has since not only successfully monetized her blog, she also acts as a brand ambassador for several companies and helps other companies manage their social media.

As someone I have personally witnessed have so much success building relationships online, she was the perfect person to sit down and chat with.

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Sixty Second Social: Effective communication starts with proper use

We’ve all been in the position of reading a fantastic piece when all of the sudden a typo or grammatical error jumps out at you. To a large extent, these things are minor and shouldn’t detract from the value of truly good content.

There is an exception to this - when you’ve seen the error over and over and over again. I don’t mean in one blog post. I mean all over the place:

  • Tweets.Options
  • Blog posts (plural).
  • Facebook updates.
  • LinkedIn resume. (Yikes!)

We all make mistakes, but when you’re building a reputation as an online expert, it’s pretty important to (as much as possible) eliminate the following little errors that can make a major impact on the impression you give your audience.

15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly
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