ten minutes a day

Facebook in ten minutes a day

If Twitter is the best networking event around, then your Facebook page is your bricks and mortar store. Someone walks into the store: how will you entice them to stay or want to come back?

One of the biggest keys is consistency.  You need to post every day (even and especially on weekends)!


We all struggle with finding the time to fit social media into our days; we’re busy people after all. Though using social media well IS going to take time, I believe you can get a good start in just ten minutes a day. Unlike Twitter though, we’re going to break this down into two 5 minute visits, once in the morning and once in the late afternoon or evening.


Try doing this daily: 

1) Post something every day.  This can seem overwhelming, but if you have a plan you’ll have the content ready to post.  Remember to give people reasons to engage, the more they engage the more they’ll keep seeing your posts in their feeds in the future.

2) As your page, go and visit some other pages and like them.

3) Check your home feed of the pages that you follow and, when possible, comment on or like other pages’ posts as your page. Look for content that is relevant to your readers and share it.

(Don’t share many things to your page all at once, this is where popping into Facebook a few times in a day can help break things down. Posts should generally be published about 3 hours apart. We don’t recommend more than 4 posts spread throughout a day, and that should be the exception not the rule unless you have a very engaged audience.)

4) Respond to anyone interacting with you on your page or who has tagged you in a post.

That’s it! Just a few simple steps to keeping your Facebook activity consistent and on target.

How often do you update your Facebook page? Leave a link to your page in the comments, I’d love to come see what you’re up to!