Using Facebook as your page

Using Facebook as your page (giving you the ability to like and comment on other pages as your business instead of with your personal account) gives you the opportunity to build your brand and knowledge base in conversations with your specific audience.

How does this work?

1) You can leave comments on appropriate topics as your page.  

When you browse Facebook as a page you can leave comments on other people’s pages as your business.

A recent example of when I did this was when a business coach asked a social media question on his page - it made more sense for me to reply as my page (should any of his followers be interested in also learning about social media) than it would have as me personally.

2) You can tag pages in your updates.

If I like other pages as my page I can then tag them (which makes their name a clickable link to their page) on my page. This is a great thing to do when sharing someone else’s information on your page because they will be notified that you shared their information (and may make them more likely to share your information in the future.)

3) When you like a page the page administrator is notified.

When you like a page as your business that business receives a notification that you now like that page. Although they may not take the time to go and visit your page, that is a first interaction with them.  You can then build the connection you are trying to establish with the people who run that page by engaging with their content as your page.

Important Note: Pages that like your page don’t count towards your like count. You also can’t easily find out which pages like your page after the initial notification that they have liked your page. UPDATE Hat tip to Pape Service Technology who reminded me how to find it. (From your admin panel select see all next to “new likes” and then choose the drop down on the top left to select pages).

Do you interact on Facebook as your page?