#17 The Importance of Creativity and Play in Your Business

Why is creativity important for your business?

In episode 17, Joanne Lauzon joins me as we talk about the importance of creativity and play - a topic that is near and dear to me after discovering just how impactful it has been for me in the last year.

Joanne regularly inspires me to be creative and that helps me to be a better entrepreneur and more creative in the work that I do and the information that I share online.

What is Play?

Play reminds us to be imaginative, which everyone thinks is amazing in children, but has a reputation in adults for being about daydreaming and distraction. What science has shown us is that it is important for adults to do things that are just for fun.

Definition of play by Stuart Brown:

  • Play is something that is voluntary and not a chore
  • Play is flexible and can change during the experience
  • Play is enjoyable and fun

Why are Play and Creativity Important for Adults?

Among many other benefits, play's effect on our brains has been proven to decrease stress, improve brain function, helps with problem solving, and improves relationships.

Why are Play and Creativity Important for Entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurs get stuck IN their businesses. If you get stuck in a rut, how will you get out? Play and creativity can help and they don't need to take a lot of time to have impact in your life and business.

When you are finding yourself spinning your wheels or feeling like your self talk is negatively effecting you, spend 10 minutes stepping away from your work and draw something or go outside for a few minutes of joy.

Reasons to prioritize finding time for play and creativity:

  • Offers new ideas and perspectives on problems
  • Triggers innovation
  • Increases physical energy
  • Minimizes burnout

Ten-minute solo play idea

  • Lego: 15 or 20 pieces to see what you can build
  • Adult colouring books (they're creative and meditative)
  • Play dough
  • Sketch books
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Juggling balls or bean bags - practise for a few minutes to improve your skills

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