Social Capital Conference - the place to be July 21st

Social media is about online presence but it’s also about so much more.  It’s about building community, and creating relationships.

Karen and I believe in the ability to create real world connections from social media.  When the discussion in our home town of Ottawa led to frequent discussions of a local conference that would bring the social media community together to learn from each other I/we went with it.  The result: Social Capital.

Social Capital will be held on Saturday, July 21 at Algonquin College in Ottawa, Canada.

Social Capital Conference

Five reasons to attend Social Capital:

1) You want to meet and grow your relationship with others who also love social media;

2) You want to learn from those who live social media, be it for work, their business, or for fun;

3) You will have the opportunity to engage and ask questions of the people who are doing some of the things you hope to start doing;

4) You will leave Social Capital with tangible to dos that will help you move your social media endeavours forward;

5) You will get to socialize and hang out with an awesome group of people, including Karen and I :)

We really believe you’d get a lot out of attending this event so we’ve decide to add a bonus to signing up! Karen and I are launching a beta program this July. It is an online coaching group and the beta program runs for 3 months.  The beta of this program costs $99.  

If you sign up for Social Capital and let us know (by email at, that you heard about it here you will:

A) be entered into a draw for a free spot into the program, and

B) automatically gain eligibility for the BETA program at our invite-only subscriber rate!

We hope to see you at Social Capital on July 21. Karen and I will be speaking about social media strategy at the conference and you can find the rest of the agenda here!