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Social Capital Conference - Why you should be there

Social media is an opportunity to build relationships online, but getting together with people who work with social media on a daily basis is an opportunity to learn and make connections that will pump up your efforts in a significant way.

Social Capital is the conference we’ve been running for three years. It brings people together from all industries and levels of experience to share and learn from each other. Here are five reasons we think that you, as small business owners, should be there.

1) The sessions

We have great sessions this year (including Karen and I!) that will help you learn how to improve your social media efforts. We are going to be covering topics such as:

- Email newsletters

- Bringing the life back into your blog

- Not being selfish with your communications

- Case studies from small businesses

- Creating great content

- Canada Anti-Spam Legistlation and copyright

- Social media strategy

2) The chance to ask experts questions in small groups

Our roundtable sessions are always a highlight of the day. You get to take part in small groups with experts on topics you’re interested in and because the groups are so small you get the chance to ask the questions that apply specifically to you, and get advice and input from people in the know, as well as your peers.

3) The amazing keynotes

This year’s keynote speakers are delving into the psychology of social media. Understanding who you’re talking to is key and this year we’ll go a step further into figuring out why we’re doing what we’re doing and how to communicate effecitvely with our audiences.

4) The speakers

They come from all different industries and they really know what they’re talking about. Because of the size of the conference you get the oppotunity to meet them, ask them questions and then connect with them offline later and stay in touch. It’s what I plan to do. :)

5) Meet and hang out with awesome people

Seriously. One of the best parts of every conference for us as organizers is watching everyone at the conference come together, have fun and really connect. It’s amazing to watch and hear the stories of lasting business relationships and friendships that have come from the conference.

So there you have it, five reasons I think you should be at Social Capital this year. And here’s a bonus one: WWC20 will get you 20% off at checkout when you buy your ticket.  

I hope you’ll be there - and make sure to come and find us and say hi when you do!

Social Capital Conference - the place to be July 21st

Social media is about online presence but it’s also about so much more.  It’s about building community, and creating relationships.

Karen and I believe in the ability to create real world connections from social media.  When the discussion in our home town of Ottawa led to frequent discussions of a local conference that would bring the social media community together to learn from each other I/we went with it.  The result: Social Capital.

Social Capital will be held on Saturday, July 21 at Algonquin College in Ottawa, Canada.

Social Capital Conference

Five reasons to attend Social Capital:

1) You want to meet and grow your relationship with others who also love social media;

2) You want to learn from those who live social media, be it for work, their business, or for fun;

3) You will have the opportunity to engage and ask questions of the people who are doing some of the things you hope to start doing;

4) You will leave Social Capital with tangible to dos that will help you move your social media endeavours forward;

5) You will get to socialize and hang out with an awesome group of people, including Karen and I :)

We really believe you’d get a lot out of attending this event so we’ve decide to add a bonus to signing up! Karen and I are launching a beta program this July. It is an online coaching group and the beta program runs for 3 months.  The beta of this program costs $99.  

If you sign up for Social Capital and let us know (by email at, that you heard about it here you will:

A) be entered into a draw for a free spot into the program, and

B) automatically gain eligibility for the BETA program at our invite-only subscriber rate!

We hope to see you at Social Capital on July 21. Karen and I will be speaking about social media strategy at the conference and you can find the rest of the agenda here!