Social 101: Should you use Twitter? {Infographic}

In a move that's slightly out of order, I'm concluding my Social 101: Twitter series with the question of whether you should use Twitter. It's my opinion that, while most of my audience could easily justify their presence on Twitter, there's always someone whose situation isn't going to work quite as well. This is true of every social network.

There are hundreds of social networks out there and picking the right ones to deliver the best value to an individual or business is not necessarily a straightforward question. The infographic below gives some guidelines for whether Twitter is right for you. Some of it is a little tongue-in-cheek - and yet, it's not. There's absolutely room for different uses of Twitter that aren't shown on here, but from a business standpoint, this is a pretty good starting place of questions to ask yourself.

Should You Use Twitter?
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Please join me back here next month as I tackle Facebook! With all the changes and controversy of the last six months, I have plenty to share with you. If you have any specific questions about Facebook, please let me know: